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VETRINJSKI DVOR: Martina Kartelo - Hymn to my Poverty which can be Yours

  • Vetrinjski dvor 30 Vetrinjska ulica Maribor, Upravna enota Maribor, 2000 Slovenia (map)

"Funeral to the Poor" and “Hymn to my Poverty which can be Yours” are the third part of Martina Kartelo's trilogy focused on relation between capitalism, consumerism and poverty. It will take form of two premiere performances in Maribor on 4th of May in Vetrinjski Dvor and on 6th and 7th of May in the city center.
"Funeral to the Poor" is a result of Kartelo's research during her residential stay in Maribor, which was mainly focused on different aspects of poverty in connection to wider contemporary social issues. Therefore performances are based on juxtaposition of general concept of poverty and concrete (also: subjective, singular) poverty situation inside Slovenia and wider. Through Kartelo's research combining field work, interview and collected articles on the issue, poverty is understood and can be classified as: poverty of knowledge, poverty of emotions, spiritual poverty as well as material/materialistic poverty.
Combination of collected data and (personal) views and emotions related to poverty (for instance: feelings of isolation, rejection and loneliness) were a starting point for solo performance “Hymn to my Poverty which can be Yours” which will be performed on 4th of May 2016 at 9pm 10pm and 11pm at artist's studio in Vetrinjski Dvor.
The performance piece is limited to only one person at once, therefore highly personalized and intimate piece of interaction between artist and spectator, where spectator becomes a part of experience of rejection, isolation and longing.