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Art:reSet je modroslovni koncept, svetovni nazor, akcijski načrt, vsakdanjik, slog sporazumevanja in interaktivnosti za napredek in akulturacijo družbe po pravilih okoljevarstva in za enakovreden odnos do narave in v ravnanju z živalmi. Zavod je regustriran v Dan Haagu. Sestrska družba je v procesu ustanovitve v Mariboru.



1. the name as the RESPOND to the defining aims

2. DEFINED by: 

< objects > shaping the material world

< targets > promotion (public) < aiming > adaptation (reinvestment) < reaching > education (starting) 

< subjects > interactive individuals incl. groups (creative incl. talented > making)

3. MOTIVATION sourced in the intention to practically draw the boundaries to the prevailing destruction, which becomes obvious not only by an attempted demolition, but also included in the processes immanent to the validation of exclusiveness at the cost of the qualitative narration, neglecting the imperatives of sustainability developments to may win multifacial degradation:

* natural erosion

* man-caused demolition

* restitution of aesthetic interventions in the living surroundings :)


4. AIMING (inter)nationally stretching out the educational strategy:

* to oppose the social flow directed by elementary (stihic) forces, which based on ignorance perpetuate structural dissolution

* to perform spatial validation of pre-existed forms (natural, cultural), which may enable restitution of original, traditionally established knowledge, however re-examined to will suit to the natural circumstances better than the enforced inconsiderate modernisation, local values regardless 

* to pursue and stimulate the research of the cultural elements destroyed, under-valued, not transmitted, abandoned or pushed to the social margins 

* to combat cultural pauperising commercialisation accompanied :)

5. ACTIVITIES serve the promotion and social empowerment of handicrafts, home manufacture, which within the creativity and production pursue the recognition or the function of an artisan, a master of an applied art and sciences teaching the principles of making of masterpieces fulfilling the educational and exemplary, by all means attending the social cohesive role of a teacher in the specific field of practical knowledge - promoting "know how" principles :)

6. THEORETICALLY to tempt the exact sciences and knowledge of the spatial and structured order in the inhabited and natural surroundings, and the mutually challenging "aesthetics" with the criterion of the abstract knowledge, whereas an artisan/artist happens to defend the freedom of personal creativity and expression, but neglects, manipulates, re-organises, destructs, implies innovations within the domain of a tradition, accusing it to have been laying restricting rules upon the handicraft/arty manoeuvres, but misunderstands and coincidentally ignores the recognition of the tradition's purpose, which, however repeating itself by the manners and its belonging custom obstinately, nevertheless aims towards the sustainability and nature-kindness: A-R-S attempts these misconceptions, which can be based upon the insufficient knowledge, but occur either from lacking of the explanatory information socially coincidentally, consecutive and considerable :)

7. PURPOSE OF REVIVAL in the historic perspectives, but also contemporary activities of individuals and local groups, who perform spiritual and productive embodiments combined as the persisting form of cultural emancipation, articulate the moral values/attitudes less verbalised, but materialised as the inherited goods/treasures instead, but also, by the manners of oral, visual, standards, rituals and other kinds of actual, existentially addressed awareness, forward these long-term transmitted to the generation continued to will resemble and perpetuate the community's social and economic core, articulating its specific entity of a "traditional community" whether locally, regionally or globally distinguished :)

8. the COMPOUND OF knowledge TRANSMISSION, aesthetics and logic systems involving creativity embrace to stimulate, pursue and promote the general productions: 

* written

* material: architecture, sculpture, painting and graphic arts, textile

* sound: music, poetry, rhetoric

* ritual: spiritual, nutritive

the explanation: organic materials grown melt within the natural conditions, the Eco-system, which expresses inter-conditional relations of those co-consisting and co-creating for the circumstances directly affecting also the human creativities and existential performances belonging; when those elements vanish, mutate or even get destroyed if a complex environmental change is implanted, not only the inspirational bond to the social activity gets gone, but also the condition to the traditional production, thus the concrete existential activity option transmitted in the time-line; thus, the educational essence of the tradition and supporting actions are to promote the natural environment and surroundings tolerating attitude of the inhabitants, and not solely to would promote sustainable development and fair-trade-economy :) 

9. EVIDENT GROWTH of supreme urban population re-generates its POWER dispersing the technology and DISPROPORTIONATE communication means, yet procreating and perpetuated upon the interdependence of the better nature-kin rural society, however, ruling itself tempted upon by the economic demand of the passive city-people; the villagers are expected to adapt themselves promptly with the commercial flow streamed in their direction without any feedback and value intercommunication expected, oppressed at the function of the supplying infrastructure, disregarded, existentially disobedient wanted to would abandon the immanent local identification :)

10. by questioning the social disrespect through narration of cultural identity and creativity of the traditional communities as read previously, the guidelines of Art-Re-Set describe the socially appealing mission to reach out the children, the talented individuals and the masters of skills, and organise public activities with the purpose of educational goals, as well events as institutional initiatives proposed, raise foundations to will execute PARTIAL and PERPETUAL, the sustainable solutions for the cultural systems, namely, to pay social respect at the traditions' system, to them belonging knowledge of crafts, to empower and enable its transmission and their survival chances; local communities cultural traditions and craft, applied art associated, have shrunk to the minimised minorities of the symbolic shapes, but, the most of all, due to incapability to compete on the global markets they become morally and physically defenceless facing social conditions of an extermination given for good :)

11. Art-Re-Set is established upon the living-exposition-room Petty G. Sessions, which stands as the sign for a chance, opportunity and hospitality; Art-Re-Set ambitiously tends to mark also the personal badly endangered tradition, which serves the hereby explored cultural alertness exposing the necessity to must have made the past time and its belonging memories revived and actualised by the cultural project promoted; since the turbulent modernity commits cruel assaults and destruction attempts of rather some national heritage, and forces the traditional communities merciless to get transformed, thus the generations transmission dangerously twisted, even impossible, we have them disappearing in the political conflicts and wars, which rip the living beauty off the creativity sociable sense - the not flabby, but patiently gained, self-controlling desired knowledge and the skills trained for the benefit, confidence and to the pleasure of the com-mutual-existence :)

12. As the social symbol of a non-profit association constituted, formalises Art-Re-Set the creativity cohesion based on nature loving and sympathetic idealism; the artist/artisan is expected to change the trend of economic concentration and power distribution of arts; intentionally preoccupies the role of a manager locally situated where he advisory, teaching, mediating and creative role is requested and applied: the task pursued is not to revolutionise/examine/transform the inspiration or its content, but to give a new functional perspective to the personal artistic-creative potential, which turned "with-in-for-outside" conditioned by the time-local-space dimension: to must RESET, to examine the individually merchandised knowledge applying it at an actual spatial condition/need/task, and NOT to would subdue the space to the artifact centralised, where aiming the visual exposure focused :)

13. To RESET the principles of the contemporary art and direct artistic utilisation towards the fundamentals of the mankind creativity, to review an expressionistic creation by the basic imitation (mimetic) view and by the option of the traditional techniques and expertness :)



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